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he Institute for the Awakened Mind

The Institute for the Awakened Mind (IAM) is dedicated to personal and global transformation through meditation and the awakening of awareness. We support these goals through private and group brainwave trainings, practitioner trainings, and the sale of our unique brainwave biofeedback device, the Mind Mirror.

The Mind Mirror, a scientific tool for transformation, is the quickest and most efficient way to access meditation and the awakened mind state. Awakened mind training is the definition and means of conscious evolution. 

Self-trainers, awakened mind practitioners, neurofeedback therapists, and consciousness researchers use the Mind Mirror to guide brainwaves - the electrical activity of the brain - into optimal meditation states that develop the awakened mind of clarity, creativity, insight, intuition, and spiritual awareness. When desired, the awakened mind brainwave pattern opens to the evolved mind of illumination.

Whether you want to relax and reduce stress, improve your health, sharpen your thinking, enhance your creativity, or more closely attune to your spirit, deepening into the awakened mind of creative flow and peak performance will provide you with answers to life's 
questions, issues and challenges, and in the process more fully awaken the power and potential of your mind.  



                                                 How do I more fully awaken my mind?

You can do it yourself, in the comfort and privacy of your home, with the Mind Mirror's revolutionary self-training program. The Vilistus Mind Mirror 6, a state-of-the-art biofeedback/neurofeedback device, will guide you into the open flow of awareness in deep, profound meditation and train your brain to maintain the awakened mind's ideal state of consciousness. 

The self-training program is easy to use. You hook up and press Record. Feedback is auditory or visual, letting you know precisely when you attain the selected pattern. Within minutes you will feel calmer and more creative and aware.

After your meditation session, your thoughts will be clearer, your mind more lucid and alert. Solutions to problems will come quicker and easier.

The steady stream of ideas and insights enjoyed by your awakened mind of creative flow and peak performance will make your life happier and more fulfilling.



                                                            What if I want help?

We invite you to visit our Practitioner Directory to find an awakened mind trainer near you. Book a private session or retreat, join a group training, or learn how you can train to become a certified awakened mind practitioner

Some practitioners specialize in creativity and the visual and performing arts. Others are engaged in research, while still others travel the world to present lectures and seminars.

In the past year, we have trained individuals and practitioners from Canada, Croatia, England, France, Poland, Switzerland, India, Israel, Russia, and all across the United States. Contact Judith Pennington, the founder of IAM, for more information.

All of our professional trainers guide people into the awakened mind's creativity, insight and healing and the evolved mind's unity, bliss and transcendence.

                                                             Where do I go from here?

To find out more about the Vilistus Mind Mirror 6 and its easy-to-use self-training program, click here. Be sure to watch our video demonstrations on the awakened mind and how to develop and sustain it. 

Try our
books and CDs to learn about and experience the remarkable benefits of awakened mind meditation and consciousness development. Or listen to a free guided meditation, "The Heart of Meditation," to experience what this shift feels like.    

If you are interested in becoming an awakened mind practitioner, visit this page for details and contact us for upcoming practitioner training dates.

We welcome you to join our heartfelt effort to transform human consciousness. Our mission is to connect everyone with the boundless reservoir of peace and creativity in the subconscious mind. Getting in touch with it awakens and enlightens us and our world.

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